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Keeping a nation's promise.

The Russell C. Melvin Family Foundation is an independent mission which provides charitable, faith-based education, counseling, and fellowship to our nation's war fighters struggling to cope with the psychological effects of combat and other service-related adjustment disorders. 

We've broken the code on recovery from service-related adjustment disorders.  Since 2007, we have quietly enjoyed an unparalleled success rate according to those who matter most--our friends in need. 

We own and operate a farm near Nashville, Tennessee, and a Tennessee River Guide Camp near Bath Springs, Tennessee.  We also utilize exceptional fishing retreats in Chile, Spain, and the Corn Islands.  From these locations, we offer proven team building experiences, we establish trust, and we create a safe learning environment for our heroes to learn and hone lifelong coping skills.  It is our belief and well-proven experience that challenge and adventure are the mediums best accepted and understood by war fighters.

Our environment enhances learning pathways and acceptance in ways simply not possible in a clinical setting.

We bike, hike, kayak, fish, and engage in rigorous team building in a measured approach to aid in recovery.

We are entirely self-funded.  We accept and are grateful for outside support, but we never solicit it.  We do not need nor do we accept insurance of any kind. 100% of every dollar committed to us goes directly to our friends in need.

Our services are offered without charge of any kind.  We are necessarily selective in admissions.  We wish would could accept every applicant, and we're constantly working to increase our capacity.  To discuss how we can help, please reach out to us at foundation@russellmelvin.org.

If you're in need and reading this--you're already winning.  Hang tough.  You're not alone.  We're here for you, and we look forward to helping.




Nashville, Tennessee & Bath Springs, Tennessee


Service-related adjustment disorders.


"Recovery is constant and everlasting--victory upon victory.  It's a way of life and of living well."

What we do.

We keep our nation's promise, by doing what we love!  The hill country of Tennessee offers recreational diversity found only in a handful of places worldwide.  Within a few hours' drive, we have it all.  Come, enjoy the seasons with us.  We always have another adventure on the calendar.  We've been everywhere, and done almost everything, so we're happy to share our adventures with those who need them most, whether it's here in our backyard or around the globe. 

For each learning adventure, we offer planning, logistics, navigation, transportation, supervision, equipment, first aid, photography, and some of the best food you'll find anywhere.  Being near Nashville, we certainly have access to great music too.  No adventure is too big or too small!  We offer the following from our Base Camps in the hills just west of Nashville, Tennessee and on the Tennessee River near Bath Springs, Tennessee:

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Kayaking
  • Fishing
  • Team Building
  • Adventure Planning
  • Conservation Biology
  • Documentary Production

Our phones seldom work where we spend our days.  It's a great problem to have.  Please reach out to us at info@russellmelvin.org.



Riding is an important part of what we do. Riding is challenging, and allows us to talk while rambling through nature.  Study after study has shown unequivocally the psychological and spiritual benefit of outdoor activity and particularly biking. We reintroduce cycling to those in need, from all walks of life.

To facilitate our own riding and to provide resources to the Foundation, we offer complete bicycle maintenance and upgrades to name-brand bikes.  For those working with us, we provide this service for free.  

For everyone else, we charge a nominal shop rate (much less than your neighborhood shop), and we never mark up parts. In fact, we'd prefer you provide your own parts, as we're not inclined to get into the logistics business. We're glad to help you choose your gear.  Our nominal fees pass directly through to Foundation, so you're really providing an important service to us by allowing us to help you with your maintenance needs.

Additionally, if you have a quality but otherwise well-used bike you'd like to donate, we'd love to have it.  As a service to our community, we'll return the bike to top shape, and donate it to a less fortunate rider in our community who can use it to improve their life.


About Russell

Hello!  Thanks for surfing by!  I am, by good fortune, a Texan happily homesteading in Tennessee.

I had a modest, but fabulous upbringing.  I spent almost every waking hour outdoors.  My parents were my heroes.  They gave up a lot to give me every opportunity to succeed, and they were always there when I struggled or failed.  As a parent now, I try to do the same for my children.  My children are terrific people, and I couldn't be any more proud of them.

I had a challenging and rewarding traditional career right out of college. I worked hard and played hard (often too hard), but was fortunate enough to pick up some great education.  For 30 years I've worked in Aerospace & Defense, consulted, lobbied, and generally made hay in the sunshine.

Today I still consult, but I'm most often traveling the world in search of the next great adventure, and providing those in need with the learning experience of a lifetime through the Russell C. Melvin Family Foundation 

When not traveling, in the summer months, I tend my Nashville farm perched on the northwestern ridge of the Natchez Trace Parkway.  From late October until the end of March, I'm usually hiking and fishing in Central or South America.

I'm very blessed to be surrounded by nature and by great friends who enjoy living well.

See my LinkedIn profile here or see more at about.me.

Favorite Hike

The Natchez Trace Parkway, mile 394 northward.


850 ft.


36°03'46.0"N 86°97'57.8"W

Life is a winding road.  It's never easy, but you're never alone.  The equal of every challenge is the attitude of your team.  Embrace believers.  Take leave of naysayers.  You'll live well.  It's not complicated."


Our OfficeS

Nashville, Tennessee
Bath Springs, Tennessee


Contact Us

Please feel free to send us a message, and let us know how we can help.

We often spend our days outdoors, without ready access to phones.

Please be patient, and we'll respond as quickly as our commitments allow.

We strive to respond to all inquiries within one calendar day.

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