Keeping a nation's promise.

The Russell C. Melvin Family Foundation is an independent mission which provides charitable, faith-based education, counseling, and fellowship to our nation's war fighters struggling to cope with the psychological effects of combat and other service-related adjustment disorders. 

We've broken the code on recovery from service-related adjustment disorders.  Since 2007, we have quietly enjoyed an unparalleled success rate according to those who matter most--our friends in need. 

We own and operate a farm near Nashville, Tennessee, and a Tennessee River Guide Camp near Bath Springs, Tennessee.  We also utilize exceptional fishing retreats in Chile, Spain, and the Corn Islands.  From these locations, we offer proven team building experiences, we establish trust, and we create a safe learning environment for our heroes to learn and hone lifelong coping skills.  It is our belief and well-proven experience that challenge and adventure are the mediums best accepted and understood by war fighters.

Our environment enhances learning pathways and acceptance in ways simply not possible in a clinical setting.

We bike, hike, kayak, fish, and engage in rigorous team building in a measured approach to aid in recovery.

We are entirely self-funded.  We accept and are grateful for outside support, but we never solicit it.  We do not need nor do we accept insurance of any kind. 100% of every dollar committed to us goes directly to our friends in need.

Our services are offered without charge of any kind.  We are necessarily selective in admissions.  We wish would could accept every applicant, and we're constantly working to increase our capacity.  To discuss how we can help, please reach out to us at

If you're in need and reading this--you're already winning.  Hang tough.  You're not alone.  We're here for you, and we look forward to helping.




Nashville, Tennessee & Bath Springs, Tennessee


Service-related adjustment disorders.


"Recovery is constant and everlasting--victory upon victory.  It's a way of life and of living well."