Riding is an important part of what we do. Riding is challenging, and allows us to talk while rambling through nature.  Study after study has shown unequivocally the psychological and spiritual benefit of outdoor activity and particularly biking. We reintroduce cycling to those in need, from all walks of life.

To facilitate our own riding and to provide resources to the Foundation, we offer complete bicycle maintenance and upgrades to name-brand bikes.  For those working with us, we provide this service for free.  

For everyone else, we charge a nominal shop rate (much less than your neighborhood shop), and we never mark up parts. In fact, we'd prefer you provide your own parts, as we're not inclined to get into the logistics business. We're glad to help you choose your gear.  Our nominal fees pass directly through to Foundation, so you're really providing an important service to us by allowing us to help you with your maintenance needs.

Additionally, if you have a quality but otherwise well-used bike you'd like to donate, we'd love to have it.  As a service to our community, we'll return the bike to top shape, and donate it to a less fortunate rider in our community who can use it to improve their life.